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eLearning Software That Works!
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About TalentLMS

TalentLMS is part of Epignosis, a large educational software development firm. The company has its offices in London, UK, Athens, Greece, and San Francisco, US. The main focus of the LMS is industry, including healthcare, aviation, retail, and the automotive industry, with courses focusing on customer service, IT, management and other office and corporate-related skills. The site boasts over 70,000 learning portals with over 4 million users. Courses can be white-labelled, and are available in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. Features include mobile learning, blended learning with live online sessions, and gamification.

Content creation possibilities

All base courses can be simply edited in TalentLMS, with most major file types and content types supported, including:

  • Plain/HTML text
  • PDF
  • Video – Vimeo / YouTube
  • Images
  • All MS Office files

TalentLMS also offers the ability to convert PowerPoint presentations into interactive learning content.
Content creation is possible either on the main desktop site or through the free mobile app, although the functionality of the app is not as broad on Android as it is on iOS.

Learning features

TalentLMS focus on a blended learning approach, which allows students to study using a number of methods, including mobile, on- and offline learning, and direct video conferencing. The courses allow for synchronous and asynchronous learning and there is also ample opportunity for gamification, with points, badges, levels of learning, and leaderboards. Certificates can be created and edited, then automatically dispersed at certain points of a course. The courses can also be programmed to take an adaptive learning approach, offering further chances for asynchronous learning within the student experience. These features are well-suited to corporate environments with large numbers of staff at different levels of training.

Communication tools

TalentLMS courses provide a range of methods for trainers to get in touch with individual students or with entire groups, in an either automated or impromptu, live fashion. Personal messages, calendar, discussion forums, and video conferencing are all available and can be activated at the touch of a button from the control panel.

Tracking and reporting

Tracking can be built in as an automated function at certain course checkpoints or can be done manually at any point, real time. The reporting tool can be customised to report on specific metrics and data for individual students and groups alike, with progress reports, success rates, test results, and surveys all available to add in from the control panel.

Costs and fees

TalentLMS prices its courses within five cost tiers, including a free option for new users or small-scale courses:

Free: 5 users, 10 courses
Starter: $59 / month, 40 users, unlimited courses
Basic: $129 / month, 100 users, unlimited courses, single sign-on support
Plus: $249 / month, 500 users, unlimited courses, single sign-on support, customised reporting tool, automations, success manager
Premium: $429 / month, 1000 users, unlimited courses, single sign-on support, customised reporting, automations, success manager, live chat support

What is special about TalentLMS?

TalentLMS offer a wide range of base courses in four languages, allowing corporate clients simply to select from a range of pre-prepared options and run with them. However, customisation is simple and flexible, with a wide range of formats and options supported. Gamification, reporting, and asynchronous features can easily be built in, and running and developing your own course is simple, requiring no specialist IT or prior LMS knowledge.

Social media

TalentLMS have an active social media presence, and can be found on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (as parent company, Epignosis), and YouTube.



TalentLMS is a large provider with an impressive array of courses available to use either as bases from which customised development can be done, or as standalone, out-of-the-box courses. The mobile functionality operates to a high level, albeit with a slight bias towards iOS, and the blended learning focus means that there are a range of interactive functions, from online face-to-face, to discussion forums, modular learning, gamified learning, and asynchronous learning. The software is easy to use and quick to set up, making it a popular choice for companies who don’t want anything too labour intensive, or who are not education or IT-focused in the first place.

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TalentLMS Reviews

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4.5 of 5 stars

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  1. The free version is quite reasonable although I chose to upgrade in the end. Easy to import created material and put it together into something pedagogically sound, and plenty of automation if your approach needs to be more hands off. - from Birna | 21. July 2020
  2. Great range of study methods and the option to split learners up so they can go at their own pace. Seems to port over old content quite well and delivers analysis to a level that, to be honest, is above and beyond what we need. Definitely covers all our needs. - from @@472 | 15. July 2020
  3. Plenty of options for games and quizzes for certification. Everything maps well to the reporting tool and it feels like an intuitive, catch-all overview which is easily manageable. Mobile version works well. - from Bob J | 11. June 2020

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