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About Academy Of Mine

Academy Of Mine is a US-based LMS company that has been running since 2014. They have positioned themselves as a small company that focuses more on individual customers, and focus on courses and instructional design for businesses, with an emphasis on white labelling and monetisation. Course content can be created in twelve different languages, with quizzes, multiple supported documents, a migration programme for existing courses and a range of asynchronous and live learning options all available. There is also an ecommerce tool for companies that are looking to develop and sell their courses.

Content creation possibilities

As well as content migration and subdomain setup, content can be created from scratch in a range of supported formats.

Importing works from a variety of sources:

  • Adobe Captivate
  • Articulate Presenter
  • Storyline
  • Rise
  • iSpring Solutions

Academy Of Mine is also Tin Can (xAPI, Experience API) compatible.
Course creation supports, among other formats, HTML, images, PDFs, videos, SCORM/Tin Can packages, PowerPoint, and audio.

Learning features

As a platform that focuses so heavily on embedding and importing, it is no surprise that Academy Of Mine push the idea of a blended learning approach, with a range of activity and study materials, as well as the opportunity to connect one-to-one with a tutor either in a live or tutorial format. The discussion forum feature allows for a seminar-style approach, while the variety of quiz styles and assignments and exams that can be designed and embedded, means there is plenty of opportunity for gamification. Certificates can also be automated based on scores or progress beyond certain stages, with successful certification feeding into the reporting module for course administrators.

Communication tools

Within Academy Of Mine courses, students can contact course administrators and tutors, as well as having the opportunity to discuss the course in an interactive discussion. This allows for messaging, video, and audio communication, either pre-recorded or live, in a private or monitored setting. It is this element of the Academy Of Mine setup that is the most flexible in terms of communication options.

Tracking and reporting

The reporting feature of Academy Of Mine focuses on two things; student and group progress, and course productivity in terms of monetary success rates and pass rates. There is a group onboarding feature that allows administrators to break down progress by student or cohort, and tracking in terms of how long students have spent logged in, and when they have completed certain course aspects.

Costs and fees

The main pricing available is on two tiers; Essentials ($499 a month) and Professional ($899 a month), with the options mainly depending on the level of customisation a business requires, and how many courses they are looking to sell / users they want to onboard. There is also a custom pricing option for businesses who want to mix and match. The main features of these plans are unlimited users, 24/7 customer service and, with the Professional subscription, a dedicated account manager and priority assistance.

What is special about Academy Of Mine?

Academy Of Mine has a detailed reporting system that allows for full control of how students are doing, but also how well a course is doing in terms of engagement and profit. The custom pricing option, full-time customer service availability and wide range of content migration and creation options, all mean that the platform is well-suited to businesses that want to sell courses and use the it as a means of revenue.

Social media

Academy Of Mine operate Facebook and Twitter pages that showcase their content and advertise their case studies:



Rather than offering an all-encompassing LMS, Academy Of Mine have chosen to market themselves as primarily a selling platform, with their main focus being on ecommerce, plans that are geared towards sales, and white labelling. The system itself is not only straightforward, but the setup tutorials are easy to follow, and the customer service is excellent. Academy Of Mine also offer assistance with course creation, ranging from a bit of design help to complete customisation, at a cost. They also offer content migration, providing a home for courses that have been developed but are not performing as companies might have expected.

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Academy Of Mine Reviews

4.2 of 5 stars
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4.2 of 5 stars

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  1. Course presentation is professional and everything is swift and efficient. Manages multiple users without a problem. The mobile version seems to be fine, also for hybrid screens, which is handy for in our workplace. Not cheap but delivers. - from B0BB | 9. June 2020
  2. Now, I'm not going to necessarily slate the way Academy of Mine works, as generally speaking it's been pretty intuitive. However, I would expect a more premium "feel" for the price overall - I think, having browsed this site a bit, that there are cheaper options that it may be worth investigating. - from 227227227 | 30. May 2020
  3. Provides a little bit extra over its competitors in terms of a proprietary, revenue-generating course. So far found everything has run very smoothly - payments, reports (esp. financial reporting), am also impressed with the overall speed. - from Jose H | 26. May 2020

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