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eLearning Software That Works!
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About Easy LMS

Easy LMS is a growing online Learning Management System development site, based in the Netherlands. It provides tools for course creation for a range of different styles, mainly aimed at corporate training. With their core team of 22 including people from the US, France and Brazil, Easy LMS is aimed at providing international courses in 10 different languages. Currently, the site has over a million users, with a range of large companies using the site for white-label courses, such as Allianz, Toyota, and Heineken. The site supports mobile learning, exams and quizzes, and academy portals for online learning or educational LMS solutions.

Content creation possibilities

The course builder tool allows for content generation from scratch, with the tool itself handling layout and design. Slides, exercises, gamified quizzes and exams can all be built in, with the interface being mainly button clicking and field inputting, so no in-depth IT knowledge is necessary. Sharing and integration is possible in several formats:

  • Via URL
  • CRM integration
  • SCORM (currently in Beta testing)
  • Webhook
  • Mailchimp
  • AWeber

They also offer custom integrations with Navision, Dynamics, and SAP if you contact the team and specifically request it.

Learning features

Easy LMS allows for a range of learning features, including slide-based learning, spot quizzes, and levelled exams with text, audio and video all easily integrated. Their system encourages asynchronous learning, although a sychronous, “academized” system is also a possibility. Quizzes and tests can be gamified, with a range of either custom, manual or automated certification options available. Easy LMS also use a plug-in called Disq-us to allow group discussion as part of the interactive learning experience. Their client list and the main features of the course make Easy LMS more of a corporate-centred learning tool than educational, but the academy feature means that there is plenty of scope for easy course development for teachers in full-time educational settings, without any burden of training.

Communication tools

One of the main live communication possibilities is questions and answers during online lectures, allowing for direct communication between lecturer and student(s). The other main method of communication is in a group environment, through the Disq-us plugin. This allows students to make connections with each other and opens up the chance for peer-to-peer learning and assistance.

Tracking and reporting

The Easy LMS tracking, reporting and stats portal is simple to use and provides a range of group or individual reports on student progress, which is useful for course improvement, tracking, and onboarding statistics. Easy LMS also allow the use of webhooks to integrate with other existing database systems, which opens up further possibilities for enhanced, customised reporting and tracking.

Costs and fees

Easy LMS’s pricing tiers are fairly transparent, with the academy add-on as an optional extra course for people who want to use that setup or are interested in monetising their courses.

Business Owl – $50 per month: 1000 participants
Corporate Owl – $99 per month: Customised reports and integration for webhooks, Mailchimp, API
Enterprise Owl – $250 per month: Single sign-on

The academy add-on is $50 per month, or free if you are signed up to Enterprise Owl.

What is special about Easy LMS?

Easy LMS lives up to its name in being easy to use, allowing developers simply to focus on content, with the system itself taking care of design and layout. As a from-scratch development tool, there is no need to use a pre-created base from which to start, which allows for 100% customisation within the features that the site offers.

Social media

Easy LMS have their main social media presence on LinkedIn, and Facebook, with the latter also providing information about promos and discounts.



As a relatively new LMS service, Easy LMS has positioned itself in the quick and easy to use corner of the market. Its base pricing tier is well-priced and allows for basic courses to be shared with multiple users cheaply, which is ideal for on-boarding. Creating a course from scratch is easy and allows for personalisation, but this can also result in course quality being an issue for new and inexperienced course developers. While a good amount of integration and add-ons are advertised, a few of these are still in the Beta testing stage, so functionality isn’t at 100% just yet.

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4.5 of 5 stars

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  1. Generally good from a content integration and creation perspective. Could do with a few more integrated communication options though - I gather other platforms offer some excellent chatbot and calendar options - from Jane | 28. June 2020
  2. Really easy to use; content importing doesn't take any time at all and unlike some other platforms I've tried, it doesn't mess anything up on import. Plenty of extras available on the content store too. - from EduIsa | 27. May 2020
  3. I'm a big fan of statistical analysis and everything on this platform is comprehensive in that regard. Provides really useful data from which I can build new training programmes for my employees. - from Denkiw72 | 23. May 2020

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