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About Paradiso LMS

Paradiso Solutions is a global IT company that provides technology to retail, manufacturing, finance, education and healthcare. It also offers a range of eLearning products, including a cloud-based LMS with authoring and off-the-shelf courses. The company operates globally, with offices in the US, the UK, Australia, Bahrain, India, Mexico, and Colombia. With companies like NPS and Vivo Energy as typical high-profile customers, Paradiso Solutions market themselves towards corporate training and professional learning rather than within an educational context. Courses can be white-labelled and either created from scratch or developed and edited from their library of out-of-the-box courses.

Content creation possibilities

The Paradiso LMS has integration with a range of established applications and functions; for example:

  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • Quickbooks
  • Dropbox

While courses can be developed using the pre-existing course templates, content can also be imported in most file types; PDF, ppt, video, audio, doc, ODT, and more. There is also a virtual classroom platform which allows content development for video link sharing, including live interactive activities. Existing course content and the content creation facility are SCORM and AICC compliant.

Learning features

Paradiso Solutions’ LMS offers a blended learning approach, with asynchronous self-study available for learners to learn at their own pace, alongside video lessons, group activities, and meetings. Meanwhile, the virtual classroom and whiteboard function allows for interactive participation either through live contact with a tutor, whiteboard usage, lecture-style learning or interacting directly with other learners and/or course administrators and helpers. There are multiple opportunities for gamification and quizzes that feed into the reporting system, and extensive mobile functionality for students learning on the go. For employee onboarding, certification can be set up and automated for ease of monitoring and learner incentivisation.

Communication tools

The range of communication tools on the platform is extensive, with news bulletins, a date and event calendar, discussion forums (for tutor-to-learner or learner-to-learner communication), video conferencing and a customisable chatbot. Within the virtual classroom, the whiteboard function facilitates teacher-to-student communication, and the platform also offers integration with other communication-based applications, such as Slack, for further engagement.

Tracking and reporting

The reporting function within the Paradiso LMS is largely customisable, with individual and group progress tracking, live or pre-arranged and delivered reports, pass rates, engagement, drop-out rates and discrete marks and participation reports all easy to set up. As a platform that is aimed at enterprise more than educational institutions, however, the reporting functions include financial and sales reports for white-labelled, monetised courses as much as functions that track student progress.

Costs and fees

Unlike its competitors, the pricing system for Paradiso Solutions’ LMS is completely customised to individual customer needs. They have the base LMS, then add-ons such as their course catalogue or ERP synchronisation, and CRM / HR integration as separate services.

What is special about Paradiso LMS?

Paradiso Solutions offer integration with a large number of third-party applications which increases their functionality as a corporate-focused learning tool that can work alongside the day-to-day functioning of a company. The virtual classroom function is also an attractive option for companies looking for a compromise between live, face-to-face training and lectures, and consolidation of that training across multiple remote locations.

Social media

Paradiso Solutions use social media to post case studies, in-depth looks at features, offers, and ideas.



Paradiso Solutions is slightly different from many of its competitors in that it offers a range of IT services and solutions to customers, rather than solely focusing on eLearning and their LMS. This does mean that their reach is global, though, and they have well-established links with external applications for increased functionality, as well as a comprehensive list of out-of-the-box courses that will appeal to companies who aren’t looking to invest significant amounts of time into from-scratch course development. The customised pricing option also allows for closer tailoring to customer needs than fixed subscription options alone.

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  1. The Paradiso platform offers a completely online course. Practice quizzes and graded assignments help you track your progress. its good selection of training tools and exam tools. Creating a course is easy, we can incorporate pictures, videos, and staffs receive a certificate at the end of an exam which is great. - from Sam ashmore | 2. August 2022
  2. Paradiso LMS offers many features with a really great tool for training purposes. their training process covers a range of subjects linked to developing a successful sales process. - from Mark Robertson | 6. July 2022
  3. We have been using Paradiso Educational LMS for a while now and we are very happy with it. The interface is very user-friendly and it looks great. Our users seem to like it a lot as well. Paradiso's team is very responsive and knowledgeable. Overall great product and customer service. - from Wembil | 25. March 2022
  4. For the price, the chance to completely whitelabel and market a unique, customisable course with a mixture of new and imported content, is pretty impressive. I plan to use Paradiso to market a range of courses over the coming years. - from Rupert 111 | 19. July 2020
  5. Does the trick - I just wanted an automatic course with certs emailed through on completion, for new employees. Compliance stuff. This handles it all perfectly and saves me heaps of time. - from Easy Quick | 16. June 2020
  6. There is a lot of scope to customise your analysis and really use the software to get to know your learners better. I suppose the next step with this tech is matched smart content based on that analysis, but as a starting point for online tuition, this is very good - from teachtestteach | 18. May 2020
  7. Everything works well although I'd say that the content marketplace could be a bit more comprehensive. That said, you can import pretty much anything so it's not like you're short on options ultimately. - from etc | 5. May 2020

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