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eLearning Software That Works!
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About Braincert

Braincert is a Software as a Service LMS company that offers separate platforms and interfaces for enterprises and educational institutions. Running since 2013, Braincert is a cloud-based service that claims to be the only LMS platform in the world to offer a live virtual classroom as one of its main products. Some aspects of its courses can be delivered in 50 languages, and the company boasts the United Nations and Oxford Brookes university as examples of its most high-profile clients. Other notable features include a WebRTC-based ultra-HD video conferencing plugin, available as a bolt-on addition to the price of using the platform.

Content creation possibilities

Braincert allows content creation across a range of possibilities, including:

  • Video
  • Voice
  • Interactive Whiteboard (with LaTeX support)
  • Doc
  • Ppt
  • Pdf
  • HTML

Within the interactive whiteboard tool, students and tutors can share and interact with video, audio, documents, screen sharing, mathematical tools and geometry (including LaTeX), video conferencing and live creation and editing.

Learning features

Braincert’s educational and enterprise platforms contain multiple options for a variety of features, with audio, video, and presentation-based learning at the forefront. There are opportunities for gamification through quizzes and exams, and certificates can be automated prior to a course beginning or can be altered and issued live. The conferencing option is one of the more comprehensive around, and the online classroom and virtual whiteboard options allows for an extra level of interactivity and blended learning that most competitors cannot match. Courses can be built with asynchronous learning in mind, or can be fixed with a single, simultaneous point of progression for group on-boarding.

Communication tools

With a wide array of live and video-based elements to courses available, Braincert’s options for communication are quite broad. In a virtual classroom setting, this can be tutor-to-group, tutor-to-student, student-to-tutor or student-to-student. On the corporate side, meeting rooms allow the same variety of interaction, and within more standard courses as a whole, course administrators and learners can contact each other directly for progress updates, tutorials, or for the purposes of discussing course elements.

Tracking and reporting

A number of pre-existing reporting options make it easy to look at individual or group progress in terms of the overall course or assessment / gamified elements as discrete items. There is also the option to create a customised report so that you have a greater degree of control over what you see, who for, and when.

Costs and fees

Braincert is divided into four separate platforms:

E-learning platform:

Free (1gb storage, no teacher accounts)
$39/month (50gb, 5 teacher accounts)
$99/month (100gb, 25 teacher accounts)
$259/month (250gb, 50 teacher accounts)

Enterprise platform:

$99/month (25 active users)
$229/month (100 active users)
$489/month (500 active users)
$789/month (1000 active users)

Virtual classroom API:

$59/month (5 concurrent classrooms)
$99/month (10 concurrent classrooms)
$189/month (20 concurrent classrooms)
$729/month (50 concurrent classrooms)

Meeting rooms:

Free (5 attendees)
$16/month (10 attendees)
$78/month (25 attendees)
$158/month (50 attendees)

What is special about Braincert?

The main feature that sticks out with Braincert is the virtual classroom feature, which also contains an interactive whiteboard and LaTeX functionality for Maths tuition, as well as geometry, live video integration, media player, mobile functionality and interactive capabilities for multiple students simultaneously. Available in 50 languages, the virtual classroom also integrates with Wolfram|Alpha, for live online fact queries.

Social media

Braincert’s main output on social media is Facebook, but they also have a Twitter accounts for updates, blogs and analysis.



As a catch-all, Braincert is a comprehensive set of platforms that offer distinct experiences for educators and trainers alike. The functionality covers all major file types and activity styles and the meeting room option is in-depth, if quite highly priced compared with its competitors. It is the online classroom, however, that is the main selling point, with the chance to use an interactive whiteboard with remote learners feeding into higher and even secondary education in terms of its application.

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4.7 of 5 stars

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  1. Quick and easy to put together a basic course but you can really go in depth if you want to. Worth mentioning the LaTeX integration if you are teaching maths - a big plus for a platform like this IMO. - from Richard H | 14. July 2020
  2. I chose Braincert because of the IWB / virtual classroom feature and so far, I've been very impressed. It's like a mini version of your typical classroom with extra VLE-style bits. As a university lecturer myself, I can see similarities and it has helped with getting me up to speed quickly. - from Tabitha | 29. May 2020
  3. The meeting room and virtual classroom functions are great. I think it's easy to overlook the importance of truly interactive communication and you can sometimes overcompensate with activities and bells and whistles, etc. Bottom line - classroom situations are effective. - from Toucancancan | 5. April 2020

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